Reboot the mindlace franchise!

Survey created by Ethan Fremen at 22 Jan 2013, 11:35

The mindlace franchise is getting a reboot, and we're looking to make the upcoming seasons the best ever!

If you've tuned in to the show at all in the last 36 years, we're especially interested in your feedback.

All responses are anonymous, and no login is required. Please help us make the new mindlace show something incredible.

We're launching the new season sometime in March, so act now to get *your* feedback into the series!


Character Development

The mindlace franchise follows the exploits of the "Ethan Fremen" character. We're looking for feedback about his character, and how he could develop in upcoming seasons.


"I thought he acted poorly in season 24; he should be more considerate of the feelings of others."

"I really liked his openness towards new experiences in season 26, but now it seems like he's a total homebody. He should be more adventurous!"


Plot Development

The mindlace series has had a number of plot twists in the last 36 years.

What new plot developments would you like to see Ethan Fremen get involved with? What tired old plots do you not want to see again?

He's always talking about all sorts of grand plans; are there any of them you think he should get serious about?


"I really like that sea culture idea, he should really go for that."

"I'm so sick of the romantic sub-plots. I want to see more action."

"He should devote his life to becoming a shao-lin master!"

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