Please help us develop SayAt.Me by giving your honest feedback

Survey created by at 28 Nov 2013, 11:54

We'd like to make the service better and we need your help in this. Please help us identify, what are the things that matter to your by answering to the questions below. Feel free to answer to them in free form, whatever your thoughts are on this.


Where are you from? *

Just tell us the name of the country, and the city or region you live in.


How did you find

Did you specifically search for a tool like this (if yes, then why & how?)? Or did you accidentally bumped into it (where/how?) and then why did you decide to give it a try?


What do you like about

What is good in it that we should definitely preserve and not ruin or break or remove?


What you don't like about

What are the things that are confusing or disturbing or making the tool less valuable for you?


What should we add to

Are there any functions or features that you miss from and would like us to add to it? What would make you to use it more?


What do you consider when spearding your feedback URL to Twitter, Facebook, etc?

SayAt.Me relies heavily on the tool's so called "viral spread". You use and publish yourr feedback URL-s in Twitter, Facebook, web widgets etc, to get useful feedback. By that you also help us by spreading the word about The specific questions in that regards:
* What keeps you away from doing this, if any (i.e. spreading your profile references)?
* What would make you more likely to do this? I.e. what would increase the value for you to use these spreading options?


Anything else we should know or consider?

Do you have any other thoughts or reflections you'd like to say to us, or you think we should know about or consider?